Mary Colburn-Green, APR, President of Marketing Solutions/Atlantica Inc.

Leveraging her career experience in Marketing and Public Relations with leading international consumer product and corporate communications consultancies, in 1989 Mary Colburn-Green founded Marketing Solutions Inc. (MSI) near Washington, D.C. The company consulted with national trade associations and a wide range of consumer product and services on the Atlantic Seaboard, as well as in Europe and Canada from offices in the US and Canada and affiliates in Switzerland and Germany, MSI worked as a team collaboratively with clients motivated to expand their markets and bridge the Atlantic changing its name to Marketing Solutions/Atlantica Inc. in 2003. Notable clientele included companies in Retail Foods, International Trade, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Hospitality, Higher Education, Healthcare. and Professional Services.

Using market research and competitive intelligence as its compass, Marketing Solutions continues to plan and implement strategic marketing and communications programs for an exclusive clientele. The company’s business structure today has replaced brick and mortar facilities and overhead with web facilitated relationships and out-sourcing of creative services. This consortium approach provides a high level of expertise and responsiveness to clients in diverse locales.

Profitability through Satisfaction!