MSA today operates on the principles of teamwork, transparency and goal-driven strategies. In fact, Marketing Solutions insists that its clients continually measure the return-on-investment derived from the relationship.

Seamless interplay between quantitative and qualitative methodologies and a systemic organizational approach to growth allows MSA to guide clients to profitable revenues horizons. This hybrid approach ensures that internally the company is ready to manage a high growth phase. The efficacy of this sustainable approach has resulted in ongoing client relationships lasting close to 30 years!

MSA specializes in bleeding-edge strategies based on timely intelligence from the trenches. Hence, research plays a crucial role in every program along with productive interplay between social media, segment mobilization (business to retail), and multi-source sales and distribution channels.


To grow in the consumer morass, companies need to market smarter using established partners to endorse their products.


For 25 years MSA has been affiliated with MCM Group of Switzerland, an advantageous professional collaboration resulting in valuable transAtlantic resources. MSA served as the US Representative for the Hamburg Messe und Congresse Gmbh in the 1990s helping the German trade association build awareness and clientele for a range of industries from Specialty Food Products to the International Hospitality Industry. It helped Ahold Ltd. of the Netherlands create competitive advantages and consumer loyalty for its US based supermarket chain, Giant Foods, and created award-winning branding and promotional campaigns for a wide range of clients from Italian wineries to Canadian provinces.

MSA’s unique transAtlantic expertise offers an exclusive clientele a culturally astute springboard for market penetration and consumer loyalty strategies. Its consultants have uncanny know how for leveraging the global acquisition power of the www along with access to valuable industry contacts. These assets, combined with an in-depth understanding of consumer motivation and buying patterns, result in bullet proof approaches to growth and profitability.

MSA builds consumer awareness, sales and fealty through social/leader channels and customer optimization that results in exponential international brand awareness and accelerated product sales. Adding a dynamic web presence, social media drivers, and on-line sales components means the“store” is open 24/7 with global locations.