Strategic Services

  • Market Research (Focus Groups, Satisfaction Surveys, Image Audits, Secret Shopper)

  • Strategic Business Planning & Organizational Development

  • Marketing Plans & Communications (Print, Direct, POP, Web, Sales)

  • Public Relations, Advertising, Product Launches & POP Campaigns

  • Branding, Positioning, Packaging and Product Development

  • Consumer Loyalty Campaignss

  • www Transactional Sites, Maintenance & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Retail Site Analysis, Kiosk and Store Design


Strategic Approach.

MSA helps clients understand their opportunities and obstacles, as well as the changing competitive environment for their products and/or services. Armed with timely information and broad experience, MSA creates strategic plans that address corporate goals, capabilities, and potential. For a company or a product, its plans push limits, yet are attainable. They are realistic, measurable and accountable based on a mutually agreed upon schedule and budget. Plans may be implemented by the consultant or through joint initiatives. Research—internal and external—provides a baseline for program design and evaluating performance over time. Most relationships begin with a comprehensive Image and Communication Audit to provide a realistic snapshot of the issues at the start.

Knowing is Science and thinking you know is Ignorance

— Hippocrates

Strong Collaboration. Working systematically and synergistically, MSA’s project team collaborates closely with client counterparts, who after all are closest to operations. In this manner, clients stay informed, in control, and consulted before anything is produced or publicized. MSA is responsive yet independent enough to present a fresh perspective. By bringing objectivity, insight and value to an assignment, MSA expands the internal dialogue. This leads to innovative brainstorming and exceptional solutions.

Collaborative synergy surpasses all expectations.

Exceptional Execution. While MSA’s relationships with clients stand the test of time, its project managers seek out ways to place clients ahead of the change curve as well as to open new windows of opportunity. Whether assigned with expanding markets, developing innovative products and services, or producing image-building communications, MSA’s process is the same: examine the facts, plan thoroughly, and execute meticulously. This approach t has resulted in a high level of end-product creativity leading to numerous professional awards and accolades, including a Prism Award from PRSA, numerous Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation as well as a Printing Industry Association award for identity and corporate capabilities package-- to mention a few.

Creativity flows naturally when you ask and answer the right questions.